Two Window Seats

The stage is the auditorium is the stage.
The chairs for the audience are dispersed across the room, arranged in pairs and triplets. The dancers are dancing around the viewers like a music box, repeating dancing sequences, distributing coloured film and binoculars, assigning new chairs for a change of perspective and taking pictures of the audience, all while the Blue Danube Waltz is being played in a continuous loop. The foundation of this evening is the joy of changing the seemingly fixed roles of the actor and spectator. Accompanied by one of Johann Strauss’ most famous compositions, the audience can actively participate in the action while the dancer is permitted to sit down for a while. Nobody is forced as this would detract from the fun. But to say it in the words of a Viennese: “Everyone is waltzing!”

Dance work for four dancers and a pianist by Steffen Fuchs
Music: by Johann Strauß “The Blue Danube”