The Visit

Claire Zachanassian, the world’s richest woman, returns to her decayed hometown Güllen as avenging angel. As a young woman, she was forced to leave the small town after having been wrongfully convicted at a show trial due to a conspiracy by her lover Alfred Ill. After many years, Claire claims her right and offers the town a billion dollars if they kill Alfred III, who is still alive. How will the residents of Güllen deal with this immoral offer? Will Alfred Ill admit to his guilt?
Dürrenmatt‘s tragicomedy serves as the basis for Steffen Fuchs’ story ballet.

Ballet by Steffen Fuchs
Music by Frederic Chopin, Camille Saint-Saens, Paul Hindemith and Henryk Gorecki
Stage: Lucia Becker
Costumes: Sascha Thomsen