Light Nights

three ballets by Steffen Fuchs 

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Gordon and Arnold Schönberg

This singular atmosphere between bright day and dark night, this dream world between clear view and mysterious semi-darkness – it gives us the possibility to bring our inner self to the outside, protected and yet visible through the twilight. 

Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (A Little Night Music) with its lively melody demonstrates how exuberant joy can arise from a musical thought, which continues to spin and invites us to cheerfulness and danced-through summer nights. More and more, the evening “Light Nights” will explore the time between dreaming and awakening, finding, along with exuberance, deeply buried pain that makes its way into consciousness in this special atmospheric space. In the contemporary musical piece “The Sad Park,” the choreography traces a deeply wounded being in search of peace and redemption. In the poem “Transfigured Night,” on which Schoenberg’s String Sextet is based, a man and a woman walk through a dark forest in moonlit night, sharing a secret that will change their very own perspective on life. The setting of a room neither light nor dark allows the couple this moment of intimacy and encourages them to dialogue with themselves and each other. 

Choreography: Steffen Fuchs  

Set and costumes: Sascha Thomsen