With RIDICULE, choreographer Steffen Fuchs sets off to track down the similarities between the baroque period and modern days, be they of an aesthetic, social, religious or political nature. Then and now, people live in strong polarities – between poor and rich, luxury and asceticism, globalisation and national interests, reality and appearances, play and seriousness. RIDICULE is a collection of 13 scenes with a prologue and an epilogue on the baroque period. The scenes are narrative, associative as well as merely formal. With the choreographic implementation of the idea, this evening goes back to the roots of classical dance which evolved from the baroque “ballet de court”, the courtly ballet. 

Ballet by Steffen Fuchs
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Händel, Henry Purcell, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Antonio Vivaldi et al.
Stage and costumes: Martin Kaeser