In the Golden Castle

After the short intermezzo as Frank in “Lichte Nächte”, the revival of “Carmen” is scheduled for 12/10/2022 at the Theater Koblenz. At the same time, work will also begin on the next ballet evening.

In his latest production “Im goldenen Schloss” (In the Golden Castle) Steffen Fuchs once again deals with the musical cosmos of the Bach family. But this time the focus of the evening is on one of the sons – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach with his “Magnificat”. While Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Chaconne” is firmly anchored in the forms of the High Baroque, new musical currents, known as the delicate style, are emerging in his sons. Thus, the inserted compositions of Friedrich Wilhelm Bach also follow these progress, which are already heralds of the classical period.

An evening that pays homage to this music in a rush and celebrates life!

The premiere is on 02/18/2023 in the larger house of the Theater Koblenz.