Mozart. Una Fantasia.

Steffen Fuchs sees Mozart as a driven man, a man who, tirelessly seeking, never arrives and belongs anywhere, even though he seems to yearn for it. For this ballet evening, the choreographer interprets the Austrian composer’s music as a landscape that is to be constantly rediscovered – a landscape where a sunny meadow unexpectedly turns into a jet-black abyss. The only thing that is permanent is doubt. With his works, Mozart ruthlessly exposes the human heart and soul. If you listen closely to Mozart’s wonderful and heavenly melodies, it is plain to see that they disguise a broken heart.
Along the musical lines of four concert arias for soprano, which are at the core of the evening, the whole area between the poles of masterly piece of art and emotional soul music is being choreographically explored.

Ballet by Steffen Fuchs
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Choreography: Steffen Fuchs
Stage: Dorit Lievenbrück
Costumes: Jula Reindell