“Not with you and not without you”

At the beginning and the end there is the same theme: the slowly striding Aria. A magnificent French overture marks the middle of the work. Bach’s Goldberg Variations fascinate with their well thought-out symmetry, the greatest artistry and an inspiring diversity that is second to none. The variations live through every affect of human existence and at the same time capture the moment of finiteness through the recurring opening theme. A musical masterpiece, which in all its finesse lets you feel what makes man what he is.

Steffen Fuchs sets out to explore this humanity. 15 dancers. Fifteen solos. Each one for himself and yet not alone. In the exchange between body and music, selected variations in the version for harp create a togetherness concentrated on the essential.

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach “Goldberg Variations” BWV 988 (version for harp)

From 28.06.2020 on the streaming portal of Theater Koblenz