The Odyssey

At the centre of the first part of Steffen Fuchs’ ballet evening is the adventurous ten-year journey home of King Ulysses to Ithaca, until he finally reaches his house incognito as a beggar. The second part focuses on the reunion between Ulysses and Penelope, his wife. For twenty years they have not seen each other, now his house is besieged by aristocratic suitor who persuade Penelope that Ulysses was dead to win them for a new marriage. How do these two people meet, who have carried the image of the other within them over all these years? The universality of this question extends far beyond Homer’s work.

Ballet in two parts by Steffen Fuchs after Homer
Choreography by Steffen Fuchs
Music by John Adams and Richard Strauss
Stage and costumes: Dorit Lievenbrück
Cast: 14 Dancers (7D, 7H)